College Placement Cell – PHP Web Application Project

College Placement Cell – PHP Web Application Project (with database structure and source code)

College placement cell is an important component of any college. The final year students appear for interviews offered by various companies invited by the placement officer. For this there is a need of an online system where the placement officer can post the upcoming placement drives. Students willing to appear for these placement drives must be able to register and get the message for any placement drive matching their qualification.This PHP web application Project is created as a sample project for students of computer science who are looking for their final semester projects.

Activities included in the College Placement Cell PHP Web Application Project

  • User Registration by Administrator
  • Job Post creation by Administrator
  • Display of placement drives/ Jobs
  • Educational and personal detail entry by Student
  • Applying for Jobs/ drives
  • Updating password for students/administrators
  • Displaying Placement Drive Results

Platform Requirements

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • AJAX

Process flow

  1. On opening main.php, a list of all jobs available to the students to apply for is displayed. The student can see the jobs at a glance and decide which one to apply for. The Jobs are displayed along with the last date to apply for each job. Once the date is expired, a job will not be available in the main page Job List.
  2. The administrator first creates users with administrator rights and student rights. Each user is assigned a unique username and password using which she can login in the web application. After Logging in the user can change her password from the dashboard option
  3. Admin- When admin logs into the system with correct username and password combination, the admin dashboard is displayed. It contains these options
    1. Create a new Job
    2. Create a New User
    3. Change password
    4. Update Interview results
  4. Student- When the students logs into the web application, she is taken to a dashboard where she can –
    1. Enter or update her details
    2. Apply for a Job
    3. Change her user name and password
    4. See the result of the jobs she has applied for
  5. Both admin and Student can logout from the web application by clicking the logout option given at top right corner of the dashboard.

Steps to use the source code-

  1. Create a folder in Xampp/htdocs folder. Create the files in this folder from attached source code document. The names must be same as mentioned.
  2. Open phpmyadmin , create a new data base “placementdb” and Import the database from the placementdb.sql file.
  3. Using SQL in mySQL create one user in ‘users’ table by giving user name, password, user type(as admin”.
  4. Run the main.php script in localhost and login as admin using the admin username and password created in step 4
  5. As ‘ admin’ create other admin users and student users.