About Us

CSVeda is a repository of Computer Science notes and tutorials. It is created to help all the learners who want to gain more knowledge than what they are getting right now. It is for those who want to understand the complex concepts of computer science in an easy to understand language, with supporting examples in bytes of knowledge to match their learning pace. We create easy to understand tutorials and notes supplemented with a huge set of coding examples and input/output screens for better understanding of problems and how they are solved.

We put extra efforts by stepping in shoes of learners and putting together all the elements to make interesting lessons and tutorials. We are a small group of computer science enthusiasts who are self learners and self motivators. During our learning phase a dire need of consistent and simple help in understanding computer science concepts inspired us to share our knowledge with people like us.

We expect feedback from our readers to help us in improving, which we believe is the path towards excellence.
We do hope with these Computer Science Notes and tutorials, we make a difference in your learning process.