HTML is used to define the structure of a web page or a web document. HTML allows limited options to play with the appearance of the structure of web document and its elements. Another limitation of HTML is that if multiple web pages are to be designed with same look and feel, it has to be done separately for every page.  CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) allow a web developer to control the appearance of multiple web pages of a website and keep it consistent.

CSS is used as a common place to define style and apply them across page of a website to define uniformity in appearance. If a different style is needed for complete website, all you need to do is update the style sheets.


CSS can be defined as a presentation technique in web pages using a defined language. It is used to control and manage the layout and appearance of HTML pages by applying styles defined with CSS. It allows deep control over text, colors, fonts, images, text presentation, and layout or any such attributes in a web document.

CSS- Features

  • It is supported by all the browsers
  • It allows you to separate the styles of web pages from their content. Due to this website maintenance becomes easier.
  • It makes a website look consistent and uniform in appearance.
  • One style sheet can be linked with multiple pages in a website.
  • Using CSS in web development, coding time and efforts are reduced and since it enforces reusability of style sheets across web pages. You can also use style sheets of an existing website to create a new one.
  • A webpage designed with CSS loads faster as the Style Sheets are provided globally for a website. It is available for any page of a website requested by a user.
  • It offers a huge range of designing options compared to HTML. All the attributes of the HTML tags can be manipulated using CSS.
  • Optimized content can be displayed on the basis of the type of device being used by the viewer.