Web Application Development with ASP.NET

Web Applic

This course is designed to impart basic skills in Web Application Development with ASP.NET. It will take your on a path toward your target to be a skilled web application developer. Whatever little experience or technical knowledge you have in web application development currently, you will gain immensely with this course. You will learn the things from scratch.

Web applications are at the center stage of all the businesses. All the organizations are looking ahead to find faster and quicker means to reach their customers. Web applications are growing as the faster techniques of communication between customers and companies.

Have you ever wondered how these web applications are created and managed? How are they designed and coded? How the data input by users is stored and presented as they demand by setting their preferences? This is possible with Web Application Development with ASP.NET. Every size of company ranging from that of few a employees to big corporate houses whose branches are spread across the globe, need these applications that run in  browsers and can be used by people scattered globally.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to describe what web applications are and how they are created using ASP.NET.  Finally, you’ll be able to design and create a practical business web application. It will give you an insight of its working and what things you need to take care while identifying the needs of your clients. You will be able to learn to apply the knowledge and skills to create web applications in other frameworks as well.

Learning Objectives- Web Application Development with ASP.NET

  • To be able to understand ASP web form and server controls
  • To be able to understand the separation between a web page page code, code-behind pages, page controls, and
  • To be able to connect the web pages with data source using ADO.NET
  • To apply validations on data entered by a user.

Contents – Web Application Development with ASP.NET

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