How to get Jobs in Big Data?

Big Data has clearly expanded to create various jobs over the years. With the increase in data in organizations, demand with professionals with big data oriented skills has arisen to a greater level. The potential of big data is not fully utilized in many business domains. The jobs associated with big data can vary a lot depending on the knowledge, skill-set and experience of the job seeker. Various big companies including FAANG are looking for professionals with big data experience.

Big Data has helped companies to become more customer-centric. As data analytics gets more embedded into the organizational environment,

The phases in big data platform development are

  1. Data Collection
  2. Storage
  3. Data Analytics
  4. Data Visualization
  5. Action and Result

Prospects of Jobs in Big Data

Here are some related fields on which big data professionals work. These fields come in handy for applying jobs in big data.

  1. Analysis
  2. Applied Statistics and Mathematics
  3. NOSQL
  4. Cloud Computing
  5. MapReduce Programming
  6. Relational DB
  7. Data visualization

How to assess your skills for short-listing for Jobs in Big Data?

Lot of academic, public sector companies, commercial and risk management business organizations demand big data skilled employees. Self assessment for professionals opting for big data as a profession. This is very important for applying to jobs. A self assessment plan like the one mentioned below may be used to cross-check and compare information about your skill-set along with the educational qualifications.

Steps to follow in Self assessment for big data:

  1. Aptitude Evaluation: Researching roles that are suitable for your skills
  2. Skill Assessment: Analysing your skills as per the market standards
  3. Filling Gaps: Overcome gaps by completing skill enhancing courses/certifications etc.
  4. Planning: Planning ways to reach goals using metrics achieved from first 3 steps
  5.  Executing the plan: executing a well defined plan for successful big data career

Roles and Responsibilities- Jobs in Big Data

A keen interest in mathematics, statistics, analytics, problem solving and analytical programming is very handy for big data roles. Big Data job roles can be classified as follows:

Business Analyst-Big Data

The Business Analyst deals with the decision making for improving the business decision making processes. She performs data analysis and uses data visualization tools and programming languages. Their role includes importuning business processes by identifying objectives of successful implementation of decisions.

Organizations are hiring business analysts with attractive salary packages. Business analysts are very important for correct functioning of a business. Other titles in business analyst job prospect are system analyst, data analyst, marketing analyst. Please ask for clear specifications about the job role as sometimes job responsibilities are sometimes not clearly mentioned in the job postings.

Big Data Scientist

A big Data Scientist is a data scientist dealing with different aspects of big data. This role has very crucial role in working with business to take inputs from clients to make crucial decisions based on actions performed on the inputs. Tasks performed by a data scientist include:

  • Pattern discovery in data
  • Trend discovery in data for the best decision making
  • Mathematical models development
  • Finding correlations among data points.

This field has a lot of interesting opportunities and growth in research and development. Research scientist for modeling is included in the domain of data scientist.

Big Data Software Developer

Big Data field requires a lot of software developers with sound knowledge of programming and experience. Software developer may work on various tools using programming languages like python, R etc. All technological implementations are undertaken by software developers for big data industry. Software developer roles are very skill specific and the job requirements may vary deepening on the big data project. Applicants with engineering in computer science/software development are preferred for this role.

Big Data Consultant

Big Data Consultants play a very crucial role.Consultants analyse issues and devise strategies to overcome them with efficiency to take the organization in a positive direction. A management consultant helps in organizing and planning business related issues. They work closely with high level executives. A system consultant deals with the actual system implementation along with product delivery. The big 3 companies in Big Data consulting are:

  • McKinsey and Co.
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Bain and Company

Career growth path in Big data consultant job role is:

  • Associate Consultant
  • Consultant
  • Lead Consultant
  • Principal Consultant
  • Partner

Some popular websites for finding jobs are: www.glassdoor.com (platform for startup jobs),

Landing your first big data can be challenging. It needs correct planning and job seeking prospects. Various factors need to be considered for short-listing jobs which are described in this article. Happy job hunting!

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