SQL- Using Oracle Live SQL

If you are a student and want to run oracle queries assigned by your oracle instructor, it’s not essential that you do this in your college lab only. You can do it sitting at your home working at your convenience. All you need to do is Sign Up with Oracle Online services.

The online interface is as convenient as Oracle’s SQL Plus with advantage that you can edit the queries quite easily. The output shown can be copied and saved to update your lab report. Or you can save your work in form of session scripts in you Oracle Account. These scripts can be run when you log into your account since the tables you create in session will not be preserved after you log off.

Login to use Oracle Live SQL

So here is the link that you need to open to register for Oracle Live SQL  https://www.oracle.com/in/database/?

In the opened page you can see the “Sign In” option. Click on it and you will get the following drop down

Sign Up Oracle Live SQL

Click on the “Sign up for an Oracle Account” and you will get this form

Oracle Sign in

Fill this form with all your details. Be sure to fill those with *. Once you complete this form click on “Create Account” button and your account will be created. You will receive a mail from Oracle in your mentioned email account.

Open the mail box and click on “Confirm Email” link and you will be taken back to Oracle page.

Now in your browser open link https://livesql.oracle.com/ and log in with your user name and password you just used to create your account.

Oracle Login Account


You will log in your Oracle Account and see this interface

Oracle Live SQL interface

Click on SQL Worksheet and you will open the editor interface. Here you can write your assignment queries and run them by clicking on the run button.

output after script run

Saving your work in Oracle Live SQL

If you want to save the work in form of scripts you can click on save button (on top right of page) and save the current session.

It will allow you to revert back to the work that you have already done. The current session work is stored as a script in your Account. When you log in again the tables you created in previous sessions will not be available and no data will be committed. You can your previous work back by running the script again.

my scripts

Click on “My scripts” after logging in and you will be able to see your previously created scripts.

script details

Click on the script you need to run and click on run script to revert back where you last logged out.

script results

Final Words

Just log on to Oracle Live SQL after creating an Oracle account. You don’t have to spend money on buying Oracle Database for your academic work. No need to wait  for your PC vendor to install Oracle Database in your computer or laptop. Go Online and complete your SQL assignments.