CompTIA Network+ Certbolt Certification: A Definitive Tool to Skyrocket Your Career Growth

As IT professionals, we have a deep longing for the beautiful things in life. We all hope for amazing achievements that stem from our ability to provide reliable solutions that ensure business continuity. However, we also have our fair share of challenges in the field. From career-ending security breaches to tolerating an insolent boss or careless colleagues, we are constantly worried that we may never live up to our full potential and that our dreams may crush, and vanish, just like that.

However, there is a solution for a guaranteed opportunity to gain an up-to-date skill set and improve your career. In the paragraphs below, we’ll be discussing the CompTIA Network+ certbolt certification, an invaluable tool that will help you realize your professional goals.

About the CompTIA Network+ Credential

Just like Certbolt CompTIA Security+ is vital for a cybersecurity career, so is the Network+ badge for IT infrastructure. Basically, this is the first accreditation students opt for when joining this field. It verifies one’s abilities in configuring, troubleshooting, and managing networks while having no strict prerequisites. Nevertheless, if you lack an IT background, it’s better to first obtain the foundation-level CompTIA A+ credential as the best place to begin as you work your way to the top.

With the Network+ certification in your CV, you will leave a lasting impression on the employers during the recruitment and attract a number of opportunities in IT. But, such recognition requires some effort; in this case, preparing for N10-007 exam and passing it.

CompTIA N10-007 Exam

CompTIA Certbolt N10-007 is the test you must ace to qualify for the said Network+ badge. Ithas been updated recently to address critical networking concepts that are key to launching a fruitful career. When sitting for the exam, you will attempt 90 questions in 90 minutes, with grading done on a scale of 100-900 and a passing mark of 720 or above. Also, enrolling in the assessment costs $329. For more visit

CompTIA Network+ Certbolt Certification

CompTIA recommends at least 9-12 months of experience in the industry although this is not binding to candidates. At the same time, your knowledge of the topics tested should be proficient. So, to help you understand what awaits you, let’s observe the exam domains in detail.

Exam Domains Explained

  1. Networking Concepts

The questions under thissection require candidates to explain corecharacteristics of routing and switching, uses of protocols and ports, principles of configuring IP addressing components, and comparing different technologiesto help scale business platforms.

  • Infrastructure

Under this domain, you’ll be tasked to show your knowledge of cabling, virtualization, WAN technologies, and installing networking devices, among the rest.

  • Network Operations

The Network+ exam also confirms if a student understandsthe IT best practices related to disaster recovery, monitoring processes, remote access, and the fundamental policies that guarantee business continuity.

  • Network Troubleshooting and Tools

This topic addresses the basics of access and authentication, securing wireless networks, implementing network device hardening, and explaining mitigation techniques as well as other methodologies and tools that support performance and connectivity.

  • Network Security

Under this domain, students will show their skills in physical security, choosing appropriate tools, and troubleshooting wireless and wired networks.

Final Thoughts

It is projected that the next few decades will give birth to amazing professional opportunities and we will witness incredible evolutions on the employment landscape. So, why not prepare yourself for these sparkling updates? Master the mentioned topics thoroughly, get the CompTIA Network+ certbolt certification to propel your career to a new height and have an incredible journey to your dream job!

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