Best JavaScript Frameworks 2021

JavaScript is one of the most used scripting languages in web and mobile application development. This list comprises some of the most popular frameworks in JavaScript used for faster and easier web application development.  6 Best JavaScript Frameworks presented in this list are open source and can be used freely for performing multiple actions while developing a web application.

These frameworks can be used on most of the browsers available today . Don’t forget to refer to the official documentation of these frameworks for reference whenever faced with any difficulty. 


AngularJS is a very fast JavaScript framework that can also be used to bind web templates. Angular is very efficient in developing simple web applications. Angular is one of the most popular Best JavaScript Frameworks as it is very easy to learn and then can be used comfortably even by a novice.   due to its robust framework, It can be used for all types of web applications. 

It uses a Fully-featured Model-View-Controller framework that comes with client-side rendering functionality. It also provides data binding to give a responsive experience on web pages. Another benefit of using AngularJS is its ability to be reused which enhances our efficiency to develop web applications. 

Companies such as Apple, Adobe, Nike and HBO use AngularJS.

Official website of AngularJS


Node.js provides high dimensionality for web networks and server-side programming. It is highly scalable and is used to create real-time applications. It is popularly used by programmers to create lightweight and high-performance network web applications.

It is based on the V8 JavaScript engine. NPM can be used to install the Node.js package for using it in your computing device. The applications made by using Node.js are executed by Node runtime environment.  All the APIs under Node.js are easy to communicate with, which adds another great advantage for using Node.js. 

This JavaScript library is highly used by companies such as Netflix, LinkedIn, Uber etc.

Official Website of Node.js


JQuery is a dynamic JavaScript framework with plenty of features for web development and manipulation. JQuery reduces the overall bulk of the JavaScript code. It simplifies the JavaScript code for easy understanding. 

The add-on technologies give you ease of programming while shortening the project development period. JQuery’s main purpose is to create a simplified program using the functionalities of JavaScript.

It has several built-in methods with lower latency that you can directly use and that would otherwise require many lines of JavaScript code. It provides faster load time that makes the development faster. 

Many popular companies use jQuery including Google, IBM, Microsoft, etc.

Official website of jQuery


Backbone.js is a very useful JavaScript Library with RESTFUL JSON API. It is very easy to understand and implement. Based on MVC, it is an extremely lightweight way to write JavaScript models that work easily.

Backbone.js is in the list of the Best JavaScript Frameworks as it provides key-value binding to create a structured web as well as mobile application. By using this framework, data can be represented as models.

Backbone.js in general is used for minimizing the data structuring and user interface views in JavaScript. It enhances organization of code and at the same time 

Official website of Backbone.js 


Vue.js is one of the newest additions to the Best JavaScript Frameworks . It is used for building user interfaces for websites and web applications. It is highly optimal for single-page client-side applications.

It consists of various tools and packages for interactive web development and routing processes. Support for using external plug-ins is also provided in Vue.js. Vue.js is certainly one of the best JavaScript frameworks for creating single page web application in minimal steps. 

Large companies such as Adobe, Gitlab uses Vue.js for its web development practices.

Official website of Vue.js


React.js is another very useful JavaScript framework that is highly used in web and app development. With its easier data transfer protocols, it is the top choice for many web developers. It has a very high degree of reusability as well.

React.js is highly flexible and very simple to use as compared to many others in this list. React applications are generally very lightweight and provides quick response times when compared to others.

Companies such as PayPal, Yahoo, and Twitter use React.js to achieve their web development goals. 

Official website of React.js

Depending upon the user requirements, these best JavaScript frameworks can be used by developers in any development project that uses JavaScript for lower latency and higher efficiency. These above-mentioned libraries are also easy to use and implement ever for a newbie who has started learning JavaScript web development.  

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