MySQL Installation

Before moving forward with MySQL database and tables and executing SQL statements in MySQL you must understand the steps for MySQL Installation.

Step 1 – Download Installer

You can download the MySQL installer files according to your machine and OS. Here we are demonstrating it for a windows system. You can download the installer file for MySQL from this link

Step 2 – Start MySQL Installation

After downloading the installer, open the folder containing .msi file you have just downloaded and click it to start installation process.

MySQL Installation

The first window asks you to choose the setup type. You can choose among options-

  • Developer (default)
  • Server only
  • Client only
  • Full
  • Custom

Click on “NEXT” after selection one of the above options

Step 3 – Downloading Components

Now, the download window will appear showing what will be downloaded depending upon what you have chosen in  the previous window. Click “EXECUTE” button at bottom to start download of MySQL components.

When all downloads are complete you can press “NEXT” as in below picture.

MySQL Downloading components

After this the MySQL installation window will show the installation progress.

mMySQL Installing

Step 4 – Product Configuration

Installation will follow product configuration as shown in this window. You need to click “NEXT” button to continue configuration of installed components in your machine.

This MySQL Installation step will ask for Type and Networking protocol and port. They are automatically filled if available. If the “Port” text box is followed by red exclamation mark (!) then you need to enter some other available port.

Then in the “Accounts and Roles” you need to give the password to authenticate while starting MySQL Server. You can also create new users with their roles.

Now, the Apply configuration window will open to show the progress on configuration. This MySQL installation phase will end in starting of MySQL Server. On completion of this step you can press “FINISH” button to complete MySQL installation.

Step 5 – Start and Test Server

After this you will be presented a window showing the configuration of the product.

mySQL Server connected

You can check working of server by entering the password you have previously set and then clicking “Test Connection”. If all goes well you will get a green signal that Server is connected.

Here you can now open the MySQL Shell or MySQL Workbench as shown in introduction section to create database and tables and run your queries.