Mobile Analytics

Mobile analytics is used to collect and analyze data related to any business or organization. It provides insights into the data of mobile devices in form of graphs, charts etc. It is highly useful in Finance, healthcare, trading sectors among others.

Examples include finding out patterns of customers to gain loyalty. It is a way of understanding and measuring a large amounts of data for organizations. Deep insights can help drive up businesses.

Understanding Mobile Analytics

It is used to study the behavior of users on any social media or mobile app dependent on the service provider. When compared to web analytics, it is very complex in its coding structure. Mobile analytics is based on the location of the mobile device.

It is used to get an understanding of the behavior of users on web and social media sites the areas such as new/active users, user engagement, user retention etc. It can also be used to collect and understand data points such as sales, customer engagement, visitors on websites etc.

Mobile Analytics can measure large volumes of mobile data for its use by its organizations. It can also be used for marketing purposes to put targeted ads to the customers. It offers insights into the classification of people who use their products or services and for how long.

Type of Applications

Mobile App Analytics

This type of application will have access to built in hardware such as accelerometer, GPS, storage etc. Most of these apps may not be always connected to the internet for its functioning. Updates in mobile based applications are frequent. It is very user-friendly.

Mobile Web Analytics

It includes the usage of mobile devices such as Smartphone and tablets to view web pages on their screens. These websites must be optimized to be used on every dimension of mobile device screen.

It should be very responsive as the same website needs to be opened in various devices including computers as well as laptops. It has longer session timeouts. It does not connect to any inbuilt Smartphone components. Web analytics always runs when connected to the internet.


Mobile Analytics tools can be classified in 2 ways:

Internal Mobile Analytics Tools

It is provided by SaaS vendors. It is maintained by the IT department of an organization. Ex. WebTrends.

External Mobile Analytics Tools

It is provided by 3rd party vendors for collection, manipulation, and analysis. Ex. Groundtruth

There are various tools are available in the market such as Localytics, Sisense, Mixpanel, Flurry etc. The tools can be based on categories such as real-time analytics, user behavior analytics and location-based analytics.